#IamProudShanatic Shivangi Agarwal from Faridabad

Q1 What made me a Shanatic? 
When I watched shahid’s first movie ishq vishq… I loved his natural performance in it… I started following his movies closely and the big break 4 me when I completely turned into a hardcore Shanatic was post watching him in Vivah.. I was literally blown away by his portrayal of prem and his chemistry with amrita rao. As the age of social networking came up and I got my personal mobile phone… I made an account on twitter especially to follow updates abt shahid and was really awed by the positivity of his fans and fcs and from that day onwards…i m a Shanatic 4 life. 
Q2 thing I love most about shahid. 
His dedication towards his work, courage to take up challenging role in every project of his and his love and humbleness towards all his fans. 
Q3 most favourite Shahid kapoor movie and why? 
My most favourite Shahid kapoor movie is Jab we met. His portrayal of suave and mature Aditya kashyap was something I had never expected from shahid at that point in his career. His character had to underplay in the movie and still he outshined everyone whom he could with his natural performance. Besides that look of his is my favorite.. Clean shaven.. In formals and that boyish charm…he really nailed it like a pro. 

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