Why I Love Shahid Kapoor


In this beautiful world there are some beautiful people that you find attractive and want yourself to have a connection with. Such people give you plenty of happiness and bliss with everything they do. It gives you a vision of ecstasy and pure pleasure. I may not have found many people like that but I definitely have that one person in my life that I’m obsessed with and that’s one of the most popular actors in bollywood known as Shahid Kapoor. He is a person whose smile makes me smile. I get happiness whenever he is happy. I feel satisfied and accomplished whenever he achieves a new level of success. And I feel obsessed with whatever he does. My obsession is not merely for his films and acting, but as a person he worth every bit of my obsession. Why am I obsessed? What makes him special? These questions may rise in your mind but my answer to it would not be a sentence or a group of words. To know why I love him so much, you have to know what person he is in reality by following what had he done to what is he doing right now. This man started from the bottom and now is ruling millions of hearts. He had dreams of coming in this industry, he dreamt of being a superstar, he dreamt of proving his abilities to this world. He wanted to enter this industry no matter what it takes. So he stepped forward and took his first step in this industry as a background dancer. Yes! A background dancer who is absolutely unnoticeable, the one who used to dance behind the stars is now a star himself. Doesn’t that inspire you? Yes it does! It did inspire me.

Shahid Kapoor as background dancer

It inspired me to follow your dreams no matter what. He worked so hard to achieve what he has achieved now. I’m absolutely so proud to be his fan. Moreover if this ain’t enough let me tell you how his personality is a complete embodiment of immense perfection. He respects people, he not only respect those who praise him but he respects his critics too, he takes criticism in a positive way just to enhance his own abilities of doing more and more. His respectful nature really melts my heart. He is a person who would smile to the people who criticize him. That teaches me to handle your critics with extreme positivity just to prove to yourself that you have to do it better next time and make that critic your lover. His personality is completely flawless. I can’t find any flaw in this man. He makes sure whatever he does is exemplary to people. He respects women. He loves his fans. He adores the children & he admires his inspirations though he himself is an inspiration to millions. Doesn’t that make him so loveable? I know it does make him! He is not only impeccable as a person but he is the same or more as an actor as well. His acting’s dexterities and mastery is known to everyone who watches bollywood movies.


He doesn’t merely act he rather gets into the skin of that character and makes sure that the audience think it’s not Shahid but it’s that person whom he is playing. His first movie Ishq Vishq, he played a young handsome college dude with utter perfection that it didn’t make anyone think that he is a new comer in this industry which made him grab the crown of best debute actor. Well that’s amazing! Not only that but with just his second film he proved that versatility ain’t limited to how many films you do, it just comes with passion and excitement. And in second movie his powerfully intense yet innocent character made us wonder how far he would go with his dedication. With just his 2nd movie he showed how to nail a thing called “acting”. He continued doing several movies where he often saw the two dimensions of success and failure. But what inspiring is that he never lost his hope whenever he witnessed any failure, it made him do more and achieve more with his dedication. He kept doing movies. He showed his comical brilliance in a movie like “Chup Chup Ke” where he played a character of deaf/dumb jeet who fools people around him, he made this character look so innocent and lovable that you find it humorous everytime you watch it.


His innocence as an actor was extremely explored in the movie “Vivah” which was a superhit. And still many girls dream of having a husband like Vivah’s Prem. So this wasn’t enough for him. He felt really satisfied doing such chocolaty roles and lovable characters, he started looking for a movie that would explore him more as an actor and then came the Superhit movie “Kaminey” where he played a double role with such perfection that it leaves you gobsmacked thinking that he is the same person who did innocent roles.


In Kaminey he showcased his versatility as an actor and at this point he became the youngest actor to be honored with a Rajiv Gandhi Award for the Best Actor. Isn’t he just the best actor? Yes he is, I know! I’m making sure that you know it as well. He continued doing movies and then he delivered yet another Superhit movie “R.Rajkumar” an action movie and a highly entertaining one. People loved Romeo because of his lovableness as a lover, who can either break a leg or bang a head for his love. He was funny, adorable and very entertaining that people couldn’t stop loving this cute tapori. Further, he already did lots of thing that proved him why he is the best actor but still he had an urge that wanted him to showcase his extreme level of perfection in acting and he delivered a phenomenal performance as Haider in “Haider”.


He completely blew everyone’s mind with his performance in Haider. Everyone was so flabbergasted that they couldn’t believe its Shahid Kapoor of Ishq Vishq, Chup Chup Ke, Vivah etc. And that made him grab all the trophies of best actor that year because he truly deserved it for his outstanding performance. This was the moment where his fans couldn’t stop admiring him, they knew he would do something extraordinary that would make all of them feel so proud. Haider was enough for everyone to believe his excellence but No! This man loves to leave everyone speechless and he gave yet another astonishing performance in Udta Punjab as Tommy Singh.


He played a drug addict with utmost impeccability that it was impossible for us to believe that he doesn’t know how it feels to get high on drugs and then play this character with such perfection. It completely zipped everyone’s mouth. This is his latest movie and he has another movie that I am sure would blow our mind. I can’t wait. And I also can’t wait to see haters hiding under their closet with Shahid’s another powerful performance.


People! this ain’t only thing he is admired for! He is loved by many dancers for his flawlessness in dancing. Yes! Shahid Kapoor dances with extreme perfection and everyone knows that. He not only shows versatility in acting but in dancing as well. His merely one song “Bismil” can compel you to believe that he can deliver a masterpiece performance in dancing as well. Though each of his dance songs makes your feet move. Because he dances with his immaculate gusto that it’s impossible for you not to admire his dancing skills. He keeps it fresh, new and innovative everytime he opts to dance on screen. I can write a book on him because defining his endless qualities is not a toil of some hours rather it would take me many days to define him completely. He is the best and I know that and I will keep loving him for the rest of my life. I Love You Shahid Kapoor!

Your Admirer
Adnan Ahmed Hashmi

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