Why Udta Punjab shouldn’t be missed


It’s been a week since the release of Udta Punjab and we still can’t get over the movie. So for those who haven’t watched it yet, here we’re to tell you why Udta Punjab should not be missed.

1. There’s no Shahid Kapoor in the movie: Yes, you heard it right! You wouldn’t see Shahid in the movie as all you see is TOMMY SINGH! He made the character look so natural that it would make you believe that a rockstar like Tommy Singh exists!

2. Ikk nameless Kudi is there to touch your heart: This is surely by far Alia Bhatt’s best performance. Her innocence, charm and the aura of the character will touch your hearts. She manages to it an emotional touch with her effortless acting.

3. Kareena Kapoor Khan and Diljit Dosanjh’s simplicity: These two characters were simple yet strong. It’s not so common to see such a good looking pair who do full justice to their characters.

4. The movie is REAL: There isn’t any moment in a movie where you feel like “It’s just a movie, doesn’t happen in real life”. All the instances make you feel that yes this could have happened in real life too.

5. Positive message #DrugsDiMaaDi: The movie is what you call dark cinema but the message it gives is all POSITIVE. It gives you peek into the life of a drug addict and how it affects others.

After watching it, surely it will make you think twice before consuming any type of substance. So all we can say is watch this movie or regret later! Udta Punjab now in cinemas near you.

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