Deewane Huye Paagal Released on 25 November 2005

Deewane Huye Paagal


Directed by Vikram Bhatt
Produced by Firoz A. Nadiadwala
Screenplay by Kiran Kotrial
Starring Akshay Kumar
Shahid Kapoor
Sunil Shetty
Rimi Sen
Paresh Rawal
Narrated by Vivek Oberoi
Music by Anu Malik
Cinematography Praveen Bhatt
Edited by Diwakar P Bhonsle
Virendra Gharse
Distributed by Base Industries Group
Release dates
25 November 2005
Running time
157 mins
Country India
Language Hindi



  • Shahid Kapoor as Karan
  • Akshay Kumar as Rocky Hirandani
  • Sunil Shetty as Sanju Malvan
  • Rimi Sen as Tanya Mulchandani / Natasha
  • Paresh Rawal as Tommy
  • Vijay Raaz as Babloo (Rocky’s assistant)
  • Johnny Lever as Murugan
  • Om Puri as Scientist Khurana / Mehboob
  • Suresh Menon as Veerappan ‘Sunny’ Khurana
  • Baljeet Singh as Baljeet Khurana
  • Supriya Pilgaonkar as Sweety Aunty
  • Asrani as the Blind man
  • Leena as Kavita
  • Vivek Oberoi as the Narrator (Sutradhar)
  • Aftab Shivdasani as Raj Sinha (Special appearance)
  • Rakesh Bedi as Gullu Mulchandani
  • Snehal Dabi



Karan(Shahid Kapoor) is a bashful and geeky container kid and understudy, running a bistro with his companion Murugan (Johnny Lever), and Tanya (Rimi Sen) is an understudy in the same school. She is the most well known young lady on grounds. Karan is infatuated with Tanya yet is excessively timid, making it impossible to advise her. After he summons some strength and salvages her stride sibling from a few goons, he gets her consideration and his in the long run ready to welcome her for a fake birthday party. On her way there, Tanya witnesses the homicide of a researcher, Khurana (Om Puri) by his abhorrent twin sibling, the underworld wear Mehboob, and thus is compelled to escape the nation to spare her own particular life, since the law had been purchased over by the exceptionally same executioners. The researcher had put away a mystery code in a stuffed toy, a parrot, now being looked for by Mehboob, and he had possessed the capacity to conceal the toy in Tanya’s auto before being murdered. Unprepared, Tanya leaves the toy at home before escaping the nation, and the toy is later gotten by Karan, who himself doesn’t know about Tanya’s pickle.

After three years, still infatuated with Tanya, yet discouraged from her sudden and complete vanishing, Karan unearths old classmates of hers at a bistro, and finds from them that she had been living in Dubai this time. Karan cajoles Murugan to offer him some assistance with tracking down Tanya in Dubai. They enroll the guide of a neighborhood trickster and abundance seeker, Rocky (Akshay Kumar).

Rough goes to Dubai, where his companion Babloo (Vijay Raaz) has officially found Tanya, who has transformed into a renowned vocalist/entertainer named Natasha. Rough and Babloo stake Natasha’s estate to ensure they are destined for success, however when Rocky spots Natasha, its all consuming, instant adoration. While he has Natasha under observation, Karan and Murugan land at the Dubai airplane terminal from India. Confronted with a potential contender to charm Natasha, Rocky endeavors to kill Karan from the photo. Tanya, he illuminates Karan, is not the same young lady he knew from three years back, clearly she has been hitched twice since coming here and both her spouses kicked the bucket one by one and now she has three sets of twins (six youngsters) and is likewise dating an underworld wear, with whom she has a further illegitimate kid! Karan is crushed to hear this, and chooses to do a reversal to Mumbai, and is going to load onto his flight, when finally, he spots a photo of Tanya (as Natasha) on a club notice printed over an air terminal Taxi. He is excited, and expect that Rocky committed an error, and wound up finding another person named Tanya, not staying alert that Rocky is actually attempting to cheat him.

Things are going to get more entangled, subsequent to not just has Rocky to battle with Karan, there are two other individuals as of now in her life, attempting to catch her in their web of misleading. Neighborhood handyman, Sanju Malvani (Sunil Shetty) has been currying favors for Natasha by claiming to be a paraplegic on props. Each time Natasha meets somebody she loves, Sanju wipes out the contender utilizing a remarkable trap. He alters and prints out a fake daily paper highlighting an article demonstrating that individual as a law breaker, and approaches Natasha and shares “the news” with her while acting all stunned himself, in this way acquiring her deference.

Then again, there is Tanya’s physically debilitated live-in companion Tommy (Paresh Rawal), who additionally has a weakness for her. Having known about the passing of Tanya’s crippled sibling a year prior, Tommy has subsequent to faked being keep running over in a pile up and now acts like he himself is incapacitated and simple-minded, along these lines figuring out how to remain nearby to Natasha via flawlessly filling in the void abandoned by her expired sibling. Regardless, Rocky starts his endeavored enticement of Natasha. Having wired the manor, and in this manner caught what Natasha hungers for in a man, Rocky appears at the neighborhood shopping center, putting on a show to be a designer. Natasha, who is shopping at the shopping center, is trapped in the parking area by a group of hooligans (who it later comes to pass are just mugs procured by Rocky himself). Rough mediates, and after apparently pulsating the living crap out of the assumed hooligans (the scene is like Jean-Claude Van Damme’s initial activity succession from Hard Target (1993), acquaints himself with Natasha, and continues to hotshot himself as an enchanting proficient with a kind nature. To some degree awed, Natasha offers Rocky a welcome for tea later at night, which he acknowledges.

At the point when Rocky lands at her manor later at night, he is gone up against by a few snags, Natasha’s sister Sweety (Supriya Pilgaonkar), the desirous Tommy and the family’s pet canine. Rough is effectively ready to beguile Sweety, however needs to tranquilize the pooch, who kicks the bucket because of an overdose while the sisters are making Rocky a beverage in the kitchen. Emergency is maintained a strategic distance from when Rocky can resuscitate the canine by electric shock utilizing wiring from a light as a part of the family room. The gatherings then rapidly leave to the fabulous opening of Natasha’s most recent collection at a get-together, where Rocky now encounters Sanju, who puts Rocky on the spot immediately, as he himself is putting on a show to be an engineer!

With Natasha and organization under reconnaissance, Rocky now blocks Sanju attempting to dishonor him at Natasha’s home. Later, when the stunned Natasha defies Rocky about him being a charged impostor, Rocky can quick talk out of the circumstance and persuade the artless Natasha that he is without a doubt not a draftsman, but rather a Captain on a boat, something his mom does not favor of, in this manner the trick. Tommy, however carries on in a fairly desirous way and places Rocky in a befuddling circumstance, including him bouncing on Rocky’s back and after that blaming the last for having turned and chomped his arm. This stirs Rocky’s suspicions about his assumed “condition”.

The following day, utilizing a nourishment bill from a bar (which dropped out of Tommy’s pocket amid his gathered allegation of Rocky) that stirred his suspicions, Rocky and Babloo track down Tommy at a neighborhood disco where, unconscious that he is being taken after, Tommy appears each week, for a little fun and move far from his every day presence as a fake handicapped casualty. Rough goes up against Tommy while he is on the disco floor and undermines to uncover him before Natasha. Toward the end, Rocky releases Tommy, on the condition that the last will no more endeavor to get in his method for enticing Natasha.

The scene now moves to the harbor, where Rocky, brilliantly dressed as an impeccable ship’s skipper, has welcomed Natasha over for a journey. While he is pampering her on the harbor front, Natasha spots Karan and Murugan sitting at the grounds. Unconscious that Karan is in Dubai hunting down her, she is thrilled to see an old companion from her past. She acquaints Karan with Rocky, ignorant that they know one another great as of now! Murugan must be kept down by Karan, as he needs to thump Rocky’s teeth out, having recently understood that this time Rocky was just giving them the circled to get his own particular hands on Natasha/Tanya. Karan, seeing Rocky and Natasha/Tanya all grins and glad, basically needs to allow them to sit unbothered out of his affection for Tanya. He simply needs her to be glad, regardless of the fact that it is with Rocky and not himself, much to Murugan’s disappointment. While he tries to leave the scene, imagining that he and Murugan have a flight to get, Natasha/Tanya persuades Karan to stay one more night in Dubai, and come over for supper later in the day.

At the supper party, which happens in a club, both Karan and Rocky are demonstrated organizing extensive move successions to inspire Natsha/Tanya. Sanju appears later at the gathering, and pulls Natasha aside to uncover his most recent daily paper creation, indicating Rocky as a worldwide law breaker, killer and serial executioner needed by numerous wrongdoing offices the world over, whose M.O, as Sanju discloses is to trap and entice blameless young ladies like Natasha and afterward crush their lives. Rough catches the discussion keeping in mind Natasha is involved somewhere else, pursues Sanju outside in the club parking area. Sanju, dreading for his life, drops the pre strained of being handicapped, tosses his bolsters on the ground, and keeps running for dear life. Later, Rocky, Sanju and Tommy are seen sitting in a bar close-by after a showdown, uncovering one another as fraudsters and having a beverage together, reviling their fortunes at the development of Karan as the new love in Natasha’a life.

With Rocky having irritated Natasha once more, the trio now listen to Natasha’s perspectives about them and discover, in an entertaining way, that all is not what it appears, since she sees Sanju as a sibling like figure, Tommy as something like her expired sibling, and Rocky as a cheat and killer. They then go to Natasha’s home, where she is having espresso with Karan. Rough uses a firearm to shoot some extraordinarily cured pills into the attracting space to be devoured by the pooch. One of them is devoured by the pooch, yet the other is devoured by Sweety. The effetcs are amusing as Sweety all of a sudden gets to be hyperactive thus does the canine. Perplexity follows as the pooch assaults Karan and he winds up tossing it out the window.

The following day, Karan goes to Natasha’s home to propose to her and finds that she has been sent an unknown letter, educating her that he without a doubt had enlisted Rocky to tail her. In a spate of resentment, she sends him out of the house. Later, when he goes to Rocky’s home to go up against him about this, he discovers Sanju and Tommy there too, who additionally uncover themselves to have been conning Natasha. Further, Sanju uncovers that he had composed the unknown letter to Natasha and goes ahead to uncover his trap with the daily papers, disturbing Karan. In the interim, Mehboob and his family, including Sunny ( Mehboob’s illegitimate, received, half South Indian, half Punjabi child, who was the consequence of an issue Meboob’s late wife had with their South Indian neighbor. He had been an understudy at the same school as Karan and Natasha and had been fixated on wedding her from that point onward. Mehboob had utilized this fixation to figure out who Natasha was and had possessed the capacity to track her down) land at Natasha’s home and cross examine her about the stuffed toy. Sunny then abducts her. Sweety advises Sanju about this and he alongside Rocky, Karan and Tommy tail them subsequent to having gotten headings from Murugan, who happened to see them from a taxi. The pursuit takes them to the center of a desert, where after some disarray, it is uncovered that Khurana had put away the code of a vault in the stuffed toy. The vault had conveyed a mystery arrangement, two drops of which could diminish a man’s age by 25 years. The night Khurana had kicked the bucket, he had found that his sibling needed to utilize the equation for his own utilization and had attempted to escape in Natasha’s auto as she had been cruising by. He had slipped the toy into a bundle ( a birthday present she had been conveying for Karan’s fake birthday supper, in this manner clarifying how he had the toy) she had with her around then. Khurana utilized the toy to check his neglect. Natasha sent him out of the auto at to begin with, yet, experiencing a change of heart, had about faced later in the nick of time to witness Mehboob’s child Baljeet kill Khurana.

Rough intercedes and astutely decimates the toy in the wake of having it talk the code into Natasha’s ear, ensuring she can’t be executed, the code being in her brain now. A gunfight results, including bicycles and quad bicycles amid which Natasha finds Tommy and Sanju’s misleading, much to her stun and nauseate. After the disturbance, Baljeet, needing the arrangement just for himself, to offer to a Chinese purchaser and make millions, captures Natasha. Rough and Sanju tail them on bicycles lastly figure out how to make up for lost time with them. In the wake of pummeling every one of the men, they take Natasha to her home where a further contention follows with reference to who ought to be more deserving of Natasha. The contention closes when Karan lands with Raj Sinha (Aftab Shivdasani) and informs Natasha concerning Sanju’s daily paper tricks (which the recent admits), one of which had uncovered Raj as a street pharmacist and someone who is addicted before. Raj and Natasha are brought together. Wishing them good fortune, Karan leaves in trouble after the others are left reviling.

Natasha stops Karan as he is leaving and at in the first place, slows down him by saying that he had overlooked his auto keys. She then welcomes him to the wedding, to which he can’t. She says that no doubt abnormal if the spouse is not present at his own particular wedding. Karan acknowledges what she means and she proclaims her adoration for him too. This mournful union is at the end of the day being seen by a protesting Rocky, Sanju and Tommy alongside Sunny. Rough eagerly instructs them to quit reviling and requests that they admit to the way that they were never sufficiently commendable for her. He then swings to Babloo and recommends, in a whisper, that they attempt to discover where Karan and Tanya are going for their special first night and they willingly put on a couple of headphones. The film closes as the camera dish to Tanya and Karan leaving towards the nightfall, as an inseparable unit.

Toward the end, the storyteller says that after all the exertion he had embraced to procure the arrangement, Mehboob had turned out to be excessively overexcited and had expended the entire amount rather than two drops. He had wound up turning into an infant and Sunny unwittingly turned into his father!!!! On the other hand he breaks the fourth divider at long last, as he asks for the crowd not to overlook him, given that he had portrayed the story completely.



Music of the film was composed by veteran Anu Malik. The film has around five-six songs. They are listed below.

  • Meri Jaane Jigar – Anu Malik
  • Chakle Chakle – Anu Malik
  • Aisi Umar Mein – Kunal Ganjawala, Shaan
  • Tu Hai Tu Hai – Sunidhi Chauhan, Shaan
  • Maar Sutiya – Anu Malik
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